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     Decay Studies

Elijah Bennedict Brown

     Cliches to Live By


Kevin Finn 

Consequence of Dream


Consequence of Dream is the chronicle of a poet adrift in a world itself unmoored. Reality and metaphor meld in a pas de deux, a curious danse macabre which perfectly mirrors the 3/4 waltz that is everyday life. In this latest volume, Kevin Finn, the author of the masterful collection, Sea of Dust (Six Gallery, 2013), conjures a lyrical, enigmatic reflection of the commonplace as seen through the archetypal lens of dream. The journey through to the light of awakening, the eternal door of spring, is not easy by any means. Enter if you dare.  ~ Don Wentworth

Poetry (Six Gallery Press, 2022) ISBN: 978-1989305171

Elijah Benedict Brown

Metaphysical Instruction in Verse

Poetry (Six Gallery Press, 2022) ISBN: 979-8832211251

Brandon Getz

Stop Me if You've Heard This One Before


A man's midlife crisis unfolding in a taxidermy factory. A widower and his baby daughter visited by demons. A homunculus climbing out of the skull of a woman's sick father. These stories exist in the borderlands between literary and genre, injecting strange and speculative elements into the mundane. Creatures, spirits, ghosts, robots, superheroes, and the Devil himself populate the pages, as elements of satire, horror, and science fiction enter the everyday tragedies of love, death, and loss. With odes to jazz and cyberpunk, spanning Pittsburgh to Argentina, Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before is twelve tales of the weird, including a previously unpublished story and novelette.

Fiction (Six Gallery Press, 2022) ISBN: ‎ 978-1989305133

Bill Hughes 

At the Gates of the Hollow Horn


Bill Hughes returns with new work that still allows us to "arise from a rush of images with an impression that is gripping and immediate, practically a revelation." 


Poetry  (Six Gallery Press, 2021)  ISBN: 978-1989305119

Rick Claypool 

The Mold Farmer


From the author of Leech Girl Lives comes a novella of cosmic claustrophobia and workplace survival horror. It's the story of Thorner, crushed under the weight of an alien occupation and also a refrigerator; of his family and campmates and fellow workers on Weckett's mold farm; of the nglaeylyaethm and their masks and pets. It's the story of people in intolerable situations, faced with untenable choices, in an appallingly cruel society-a fanciful tale of the distant future.

Science Fiction (Six Gallery Press, 2020) ISBN: 978-1989305096

Paola Corso 

Vertical Bridges: Poems and Photographs of City Steps

In Vertical Bridges: Poems and Photographs of City Steps, Paola Corso celebrates public stairways in her native Pittsburgh and around the world. Inspired by her Sicilian grandfather, a stonemason who built concrete steps, and her Calabrian grandfather and father, steelworkers who once climbed them to the mill, Corso is a storyteller. She shares memories of her family, the history behind Pittsburgh having more public staircases than any other city in the country, and curiosities about some of the world's most famous steps. Vertical Bridges includes photos by the author along with archival photos from the University of Pittsburgh Library's Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection.

Non-Fiction (Six Gallery Press, 2020) ISBN: 978-1989305058

Don Wentworth

With a Deepening Presence

Don Wentworth celebrates our presence through a wonderful range of insightful, personal poems. Don takes us both to the heart and the edge of natural nuances of our journey on this life path. We can see the gift of a falling leaf, a pink peony, a spring meadow, a lightning flash, and in the moment attain the awareness that our presence itself is revelation. With a Deepening Presence is a collection that meditates on our place in this world with humility and careful attention to detail: poetic qualities for the ages.
—Tom Clausen, editor of Mann Library’s Daily Haiku

Poetry (Six Gallery Press, 2016) ISBN: 978-1926616865

Che Elias 

Of Tire & Anonymity

Scars become wings, so shrug - Che Elias changed my life - Wheeling's Son burns the brightest - holy ghosts Reed & Cleary - whose communion burst - phantasmagoria of coming hosts - ejaculate conception - drink the blood of Wheeling - who showed me the darkness and then a golden, minor place - Che Elias changed my life.  ~John Thomas Menesini


Poetry (Six Gallery Press, 2015) ISBN: 978-1926616766

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